May 24: New Polls in Our Community

We added 2 new polls about the future personalization of the news section "My News". Please go to "My Wazzub" at www.perfectinter.net or login to our community at www.wazzub.com and vote for your favorites.

It is YOUR Perfect Internet!

May 24: Webinar Scheduled for Tomorrow

Tonight we will officially close the last part of our Profit Sharing Phenomenon for pre-launch members. The old members' area at signup.wazzub.info will be closed and we will start to delete unverified members, fake accounts and cheaters from the data base in order to calculate the final $FACTOR for qualified pre-launch members.

Tomorrow, May 25 at 3:00pm Pacific/6:00pm Eastern there will be a webinar about the additional verification process that is obligatory for all pre-launch members with a $FACTOR of 3 and higher to be qualified to receive payments.

Click here to register for the webinar


May 18: WAZZUB Community Back Online

The WAZZUB Community is back online. Thank you for your patience.

May 18: WAZZUB Community Offline

Our WAZZUB Community is offline since 9am Pacific and our programmers are working hard to bring it back online. We will update you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.


May 16: Login and Signup Launched

FINALLY... our new signup and login on perfectinter.net is live. It could take some time (up to 2 hours) until it is visible on all servers around the world, so please be patient and refresh your page from time to time.

Please report any bugs, typos and glitches through our support system within the WAZZUB Community.


May 15: Important Webinar Scheduled

On May 16, 2012 (9:00pm EST) there will be a very important webinar for all members. Seats are limited, so please go here now and register.


May 11: More Games - More Fun!

Today we updated the "My Games" page. We added a lot of exciting games. Become a Ninja, a pirate, a football manager or join the crew on Battlestar Galactica.

Check out the games, have fun and invite your friends. In our WAZZUB Community you can vote for your favorite game (in the "Polls" section).


May 6: Signup Page Back Online

Our SSP signup page is back online. Thank you for your patience.

May 6: Signup Page Down

Again some bad guys try to get us down and our signup page for the SSP is offline. Our programmers are working hard to get us back online asap. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

May 6: New Support System

We are happy to inform you that we improved our support system and that our new support system is now online. You can find the "Support" link in the main menu on every page in our WAZZUB Community. Our Support Team is directly available to give nearly 24/7 “live” Support. Also you can find our new FAQ page inside the WAZZUB Community. When you are not yet registered at our WAZZUB Community go to perfectinter.net and register for free (simply click the "Join now" button in the WAZZUB Box) or as an existing WAZZUB Community member simply log in.

IMPORTANT: The SUCCESS SHARING PHENOMENON and the WAZZUB Community run on different data bases.You will NOT be able to log in at the WAZZUB Community page with your pre-launch or Success Sharing Phenomenon login details.


May 4: New Deals Online

Today we added amazing new deals with worldwide free shipping and 90-day-money-back guarantee to the "My Deals" page on perfectinter.net:

Enjoy up to 47% discount on gadgets like the USB Worldwide Internet TV Player, the VoIP Phone for Skype or the Magic Wheel that turns your iPhone into a Game Pad.

Browse through thousands of funny but useful gadgets with lowest-price-guarantee and worldwide free shipping and do not miss the Daily Deal!


May 3: Verification Email Issue Solved

Finally the mail server issue for signup page at signup.wazzub.info is solved. More than 50,000 waiting emails have been sent out and new verification emails and password reminders will be sent out immediately after request.

If you did not revceive your verification email yet, please go to signup.wazzub.info/login.php and re-send your verification email. We would like to say thank you for your patience.


May 2: Welcome to PI News

From today on you can find the hottest news about WAZZUB, the Success Sharing Phenomenon and the Perfect Internet right on the PI homepage at perfectinter.net in the news box.

May 2: Verification Email Issue Detected

Members reported an issue with verification emails. Right now the mail server is not sending out verification emails. Our tech department is working on it. Please be patient and do not send emails to our support team.

May 1: New Timeline Released

Due to the delays that occured during pre-launch we decided to set up a new timeline for our project.

Please click here to read the detailed announcement.