June 21: How to Add RSS Feeds to your PI Home Page

Thank you Rod for producing a great tutorial video about how to set up RSS feeds on PI:

June 21: New DealPOINTs Poll Added

Please vote at our WAZZUB Community. We want to know what you would prefer to receive for your DealPOINTS after final launch. Free Shopping? Free Gaming? Free Dining? - It is up to you!


June 18: New Weekly Webinar Schedule

General Webinar (for all members):
Every Thursday @ 9:00 PM (ET)
No Pre-Registration Needed.


Check here
for PASSWORD before the webinar.

Click this Link for World Time Zone:

PSM (only):
Every Wednesday @ 9:00 PM (ET)
No Pre-Registration Needed.


PSM, please check your PI profile page for current password.


June 16: Multilingual Live Support

We now offer multilingual live support in 30 different languages. Click here to see the current time table. Support is available in our WAZZUB Community.

Thank you Marija, Connie & RoseMarie for creating the time table.


June 14: New Polls Added

We added two polls about PRIZE MANIA in the WAZZUB Community. Please vote because we need your feedback to make perfectinter.net YOUR Perfect Internet. Thank you!

June 13: PRIZE MANIA Launched

From today on we turned your member ref ID (the last characters of your personal invitation link) into an ENDLESS Prize Draw Ticket. Every 15 minutes we draw a new winner in one of 4 different categories:

Digital Camera  /  Surprise Gift  /  Smartphone  /  Jackpot

The only thing you have to do is to check as often as you can if you are the lucky winner right in that moment - at least every hour. Our system is randomly picking a winner for exactly one hour. If the winner does not claim his prize within this hour, he/she is disqualified and the next winner is drawn by the system. 

You could be next - or even better - you could be our Jackpot Winner RIGHT NOW! 

Watch our brand new PRIZE MANIA Video:



June 12: Webinar For All Members Scheduled

This Wednesday, June 13, at 5 PM Pacific / 8 PM Eastern there is a very important webinar scheduled for all members. You will hear some exciting news about our project and you will learn why everyone's a winner at PI!

To join the webinar, please go to heywazzub.blogspot.com 10 minutes before the scheduled time and check for the link and password to enter the webinar.

June 11: Poll added for Profit Sharing Members

This one is for qualified Profit Sharing Members (PSM) only:

We've set up a poll about how you want to get paid. Please go to our WAZZUB Community and vote. This poll is running for 48 hours only and is ending on June 13 at 7pm pacific / 10pm eastern.


June 10: Webinar for Profit Sharing Members Scheduled

There will be an important webinar for all members who qualified for profit share on Monday, June 11, at 8pm eastern / 5pm pacific. You are qualified for profit share when you fulfill the following requirements:

1. Did you join on or before April 13?

2. Did you build a Factor of 3 or more before May 24?

3. Did you set up PI as your homepage and upload a proof of identity on or before June 6?

Your answer is 3 x "yes"? - So this webinar is for you!

To join the webinar, please go to
heywazzub.blogspot.com 10 minutes before the scheduled time and check for the link and password to enter the webinar.


June 5: Web Search Enhanced

The integrated web search is now even better than before. We still do NOT collect or share ANY personal information and now you are searching many popular search engines simultaneously and anonymously. Combined, these engines cover more of the Internet than any one search engine alone.

A search result is awarded one star (*) for every search engine that chooses it as one of the ten best results for your search. So a five star (*****) result means that five search engines agreed on the result.

This is significant because search engines choose results in different ways, and each approach works well in some cases and poorly in others. A result with many stars was chosen for many different reasons, and is a consensus choice of many search engines.

Also, while irrelevant Web pages can be "optimized" to fool a single search engine's algorithm, it is much harder for a page to fool all the search engines.

Additionally, find phone numbers and addresses worldwide, or search through 18 million hours of video. We set up a poll in our WAZZUB Community. Please tell us if you would prefer the new or the old search.


June 4: 3 Days Added for POI Upload

All pre-launch members (members who joined on or before April 13 U.S. Pacific Time) with a FACTOR of 3 or more need to finish a special verification process including upload of proof of identity (POI). We decided to extend the deadline until June 6, 11:59pm to make sure that every member has enough time to finish the process.

On June 6 at midnight the doors to participate in the PSP will close forever. If you are qualified and did not yet upload your POI, hurry up and go to the Profile Page in your PI Members' Area! In case of technical difficulties please contact our support team inside the WAZZUB Community.

June 3: New PI Video released

Our Multimedia Guys Cliff and Erwin did a great job and created the "Perfect Video" to promote the "Perfect Internet". Thank you guys!

Please grab a bag of popcorn, turn your speakers up
and maximise your window for the best viewing experience!

June 2: Important Update for Pre-Launch Members

Unfortunately our last webinar was unaccessible for many members because of technical difficulties. Please click here to read the webinar recap.